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class town - creative journal prompts

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A town full of fun, creative journal writing prompts. A meteor rains down on the town, some town residents loose their houses and property, or watch it fall. A wild pack of bunnies hop through
town, eating property, causing problems and even becoming pets. The town hosts a marathon, who ran, won or watched? The town elects officials, town residents hold and loose jobs, receive salaries, celebrate national and odd holidays and experience other normal town activities.

One hundred event and holiday journal prompts, including ten town milestones and experiences that should be repeated throughout the year, combine for many days of creative writing for all town residents. Each non-holiday event includes an event announcement page and individual event cards that give each town resident a differing writing prompt. Holidays are whole-town events with announcement pages for all to use to write.

This book also contains town buildings, houses and a setup guide as well as journal pages and teacher recording charts. Get "Class Town - Student Journal", journals for your students with event log and event journal pages. Visit the Class Town site for more information about the book and color versions of the town buildings -




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