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visual art for the secondary grades

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Composed of over 60 lessons, this book covers a broad range of visual art creation. Students learn about and use the tools needed to produce works of art in various styles and techniques. They prepare portfolios of their best works and learn how to analyze and reflect on works of art.

The lessons are grouped into 10 areas of study, beginning with color theory. After lessons on mixing the color wheel, complements and tints, tones and shades, lessons proceed to the study of the elements and principles of art. The exploration of drawing techniques follows. Most of the two- and three-dimensional areas integrate art history with art creation. Eleven movements of art and 27 artists and their work are introduced and discussed. There are 22 types of art media included as well.

Each area contains objectives, overviews, lessons, suggested supplies needed, media used, artist information, other support materials needed and grading rubrics. California visual art standards are addressed in each area and are listed by area in the appendix of the book.

Supplemental color materials are available at for a free download or for online viewing. Visit the Visual art site for more information.



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